Students are Assigned to Provide Security Recommendations for a new Primary School Named Tengah Base Primary School Security Planning & Design Assignment, TP

1. This project is an individual assignment.
2. Students are assigned to provide security recommendations for a new primary school named Tengah Base Primary School.
3. A total of 2 sessions have been allocated for this security project assignment. In the 1st session, students will be briefed on the project requirements and required to provide an outline of the approach and concept of protection for the new school. A 2nd session on (Thursday 18 Feb 21) is allocated to provide an opportunity for students to clarify any points they may have encountered while preparing for the project submission.
4. A written report submission of a word limit of 3500 words is required. The submission date is on 1 st March 21 (Monday) by 2330hrs. (Note: Marks will be deducted for late submission).
5. A project carries a weightage of 50 marks (50%) as part of the overall assessment of this subject.
6. The Architect has designed the following measures for the new school which is located at Tengah Housing Estate and adjacent areas surrounded by HDB flats:
a. Welded mesh fence for the perimeter.
b. Main Sliding Gate for vehicles, one side and back gate for pedestrians:
i. The operating hours for Main Sliding Gate and Side Gate is (0700 – 1930) hrs.
ii. The operating hours for Back Gate are (0700 – 0900) hrs, (1200 –1330) hrs. & (1730 – 1800) hrs.

c. The new school has 2 buildings with 3 floors each. The space allocation for each building is as follow:
i. 1st Building
1. 3 rd floor – Classrooms & Music Room
2. 2 nd floor – Classrooms, Assembly Hall & Library
3. 1 st floor – Sports Hall, School Canteen and M& E rooms
ii. 2 and Building
1. 3 rd floor – Classrooms
2. 2 nd floor – Classrooms, Teachers room & Computer / Server room
3. 1 st floor – Principal & Vice-Principal and Admin Office & Book Shop
d. Carparks Space for Staff and Visitors (Note: It’s an outdoor open car park with covered shelter only for Principal and Vice-Principal).

7. A risk assessment has already been conducted and a security risk level of Medium to High has been identified. Security mitigation measures should be based on the following threats.
a. The following threats were identified for the risk assessment conducted:
i. Internal Threat (Theft, vandalism, sabotage, cyber threat & arson).
ii. External Threat (Intrusion, theft, vandalism, sabotage, cyber threat & arson).
iii. High-Level Threats (Parcel & Mail Bomb).

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8. The project requires the student to prepare the following:
a. Concept Plan proposing the security zoning and security measures (physical & electronic) for the new school based on the current security threat situation in Singapore and overseas.
b. Briefly describe two (2) nos. of Contingency Plans in relation to the school’s operation.
c. Briefly describe the Internal Theft Control measures proposed for the school.
9. In the first session students will be briefed on the project requirements.
At a. End of the first session, students are required to present the outline of the approach and concept of protection for the new school