Summarize best practices and policies as they relate to data governance, information exchange, and technical and structural interoperability.

Propose a risk analysis strategy on how organizational needs were met in accordance with applicable laws and standards.

The Final Presentation will culminate this week’s research and incorporate work from the previous five weeks of the course. You will create a screencast (screen recording) of an eight- to 12-slide PowerPoint presentation that will include the points listed below along with components highlighted in your Week 1 assignment’s proposal and appropriate peer-review feedback from Weeks 2 and 5, as well as your Week 2 through 5 written assignments. You are to create your presentation as though you were presenting the elements to a group for review. Note: You will use a screencasting video creation tool of your choice which will record your voice and the presentation on your computer screen (see the instructions below). If you run into a problem using a screencasting tool, please contact your instructor for alternative instructions.


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