Summarize the major points of the article using bullet points, and/or figures.

At the start of your presentation, you should address the correct answer to the question posed about your source. The presentation should be 5-7 minutes in length. This presentation constitutes 10% of your grade (50 points). Hence, it is essential that you devote the necessary time to preparation, because a poor performance will make it very difficult to get a good grade in the class.
Grading of in class presentations will use the following rubric
20 points: Summary of article: Is your summary of the source clear, logical, and complete?·
20 points: Major conclusions: Are you able to list the important take-home messages from the source?·
10 points: Relationship to other session assignments – Are you able to explain how the material in your source relate to the other session assignments for the day?·

An example of the optimal presentation format is available on blackboard, and will be discussed on the first day of class. The example illustrates the following:
Summarize the major points of the article using bullet points, and/or figures.
Limit the bullet points to 4-5 per slide. You cannot cover everything, so this puts the emphasis on your ability to extract the major points from the article.
Assume 1- 1.5 minute per slide in your presentation, so use no more than 5 slides
Session 9: Moral Hazard, Behavioral Hazard, and Adverse Selection
you will be doing the part about Rand and health care triage, and the source is .

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