Summary data set

Using the summary data set from Problem 4.10, create four new data sets-G RAND, BY_GENDER, BY_GROUP, and BY_GENDER_GROUP-using the_TYPE_ variable to control which observations go into each or the data sets. Note that you can accomplish this in one DATA step. Use the CHARTYPE option to make this problem easier.

Problem 4.10

Using data set CLINICAL from Problem 4.4, create a summary data set containing the mean, median, and standard deviation broken down by gender and group (use a CLASS statement). Using this summary data set, create four other data sets (in one DATA step) as follows: (1) The grand mean, etc., (2) statistics broken down by gender, (3) statistics broken down by group, and (4) statistics broken down by gender and group.

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Problem 4.4

Run the following program to create a SAS data set called CLIN1CAL. Using this data set. compute the difference in weight from one visit to the next.