Sustainable fashion concept/model



Learn about a concept design process and create your own sustainable fashion concept in a practical, creative
and innovative way.
The concept is not a finished (business) model / product / service, but it is the team’s vision of a working
solution with story and visualization. It is an idea and proposal for new models, products and services. Concept
ideas are many time future-oriented.
As an example, You can also base your challenge on your own statement; what you can do better?
or It could be any other fashion problem.
How will the Covid-19 pandemic affect fashion? How you take that into account in your concept idea?
Your idea of Sustainable Fashion Concept could be almost anything; example
* An alternative business model
* End of life system
* Better traceability
* Making life cycle longer/fashion cycle longer or even circular
* Saving environment
* More conscious customers
* Human rights
* Cruelty free
* Making fashion more meaningful
It could be also
* Idea of Sustainable Fashion Application
* Idea of Sustainable Fashion Campaign
* Idea how use Social media to make fashion more sustainable.
Give descriptive and exciting name to your concept.
Describe the ideal customer as customer profile board. Make the board as collage. This visual and written
description can be enhanced by the addition of a customer image and lifestyle visual shown on a display
Describing the customer, you can use some of these characteristics
* Key characteristics
* Society
* Economy
* Environment
* Politics/Government
* Technology
* Family life
* Work
* Key customer needs
* Leisure
* Media
* Most admired brands
* Most hated brands
* Loyalty
* Regulation
* Attitude towards brands
* People and Institutions people trust
* People and Institutions people distrust
* What is the name of you concept?
* Describe your concept
* How does your concept work?
* Who is the target user?
* What value would it brings?
* Are their any anticipated barriers/challenges to your concept?
* What are the key factors for success?
* How do you want to influence into the future with this concept idea?
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Articulate and frame what sustainable fashion challenge you want to solve and the impact you hope to have,
and if possible, bring a team together to align on your goals and approach.
Start by clarifying your goal – what are you looking to accomplish? Make sure you are focused enough that the
challenge feels manageable, but broad enough that there are opportunities to discover new or unique
To understand enough, make more background research
Sustainable Marketing Checklist
Promotion is very important part of brands. This checklist ask you to consider promotion with the three pillars
of sustainability – planet , people, profit. The objective is to look at enterprises from a holistic view, to
emphasise the existing commitment to sustainability or to bring out social and/or environmental product or
process improvements.
Look the The Sustainable Marketing Checklist

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