Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDs) and Natural Flood Management (NFM)

Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDs) and Natural Flood Management (NFM) techniques Task A (1250 words) Through the identification and evaluation of a real-life case study of your choice (you can use the case study attached or pick another), critically analyze the environmental benefits and technical difficulties to be considered by designers in applying SUDs or NFM techniques. Task B (1250 words) Using your findings from Task A investigate the potential of applying either SUDs or NFM techniques to a flood prone location/site in the vicinity in which you currently reside (I currently reside in Georgetown, Guyana, South America), or are familiar with. The location/site chosen should be evidenced via self-sourced photographs and an explanation of the problems to be addressed. Your written solution should be supported by technical information, including sketches/images of the flood alleviation techniques you propose to employ, and the reasons why they have been selected. More than 15 high quality references (Books and Journal Papers)


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