SYST10199 Web Developmment

Assignment Instructions:
1. Make a folder named a3-firstname-lastname.
2. Make a HTML file and save it with the name index.html within the a3-firstname-lastnamefolder.
3. Thetag should read: Assignment 3 for .
4. Display the following information intag as heading in the index.html page:
5. Add a tag after the above heading.
6. Create a simple unit conversion application using JavaScript.
7. Implement the following unit conversions:
a. From Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa.
b. From Feet to Meters and vice versa.
c. From Inches to Centimeters and vice versa.
d. From Pounds to Kilograms and vice versa.
8. Display a single textbox on the page, and eight buttons for each conversion.
9. Clicking on a button calls the respective JavaScript function to perform the conversion.a. Make use of unobtrusive JavaScript.
10. Display the result in a tag below the buttons.
a. The result must be rounded off to two decimal places, along with the units.
b. Don’t use any message boxes such as alert() or prompt().
11. Add a button that clears the content of the textbox and thetag, and sets the cursor in the textbox. (Textbox gets the focus).
12. All the JavaScript code should be in a separate file, saved within the scripts folder (unobtrusiveJavaScript).
13. Design the layout and appearance of the HTML page by using CSS.