tag Add in library Itm 301 IT Infrastructure

1. Provide a LAN solution for each office connecting the computers together. What network topology you are going to use for different LANs and why? Explain all connectivity devices used by your selected topology.
2. Provide a solution for IP address assignment for the above offices. You need to explain the type of IP address assignment (static/automatic), how the total solution is going to work and what type of server you are going to configure?
3. How did you secure the LAN servers?
4. Employees also need to work from home. So, what you are going to do so that employees can work remotely in a secured environment?
5. You want to provide a secured web server as well as email services to the clients. Place these servers along with the other related servers (e.g., VPN server) in a DMZ area. Note: The DMZ is connected to the Internet through a firewall. Where do you want to place the DMZ servers and why?
6. How are you going to connect the branch offices in each city? What type of transmission media you are going to use?
7. What you are going to do to provide a secured Remote connectivity solution among all offices using a VPN.
8. Apply VLSM (Variable Length Subnet Masking) to subnet Toronto network, Waterloo network and Brampton network. For each subnet provide the followings (There are altogether 9 subnets for the 3 three cities):
i) Network ID
ii) Broadcast IP address
iii) 1
st usable IP address
iv) Last usable IP address
v) Subnet mask
vi) Total number of valid hosts
9. Draw a diagram for the above scenario using a drawing program such as Microsoft Visio