The acquisition of grammar is one of the most remarkable and mysterious achievem

The acquisition of grammar is one of the most remarkable and mysterious achievements in childhood. Roger Brown in a classic book entitled A First Language (1973) studied children’s grammatical and syntactic development in five major stages. The first four stages are characterized by the beginning of children’s grammar. First, familiarize yourself with the first four stages by either reading the textbook (pp 147 -174) or by studying the three Powerpoints posted on Blackboard for Chapter 5. Then watch the following videos from YouTube (also posted on Blackboard): “I don’t like you mommy-Cookie Kid” by Cookies Kid; “I don’t want to go to school “ by cherhc; and “3 year old scolds her father” by Maxwell Olsen. In a reflective essay (of 225-250 words maximum), consider the highest stage each child in the videos is in. Remember that children can only be at one stage at a time, always the highest. Discuss why you have come to this conclusion for each child. You can name each child this way: The boy as Cookie kid, the Japanese girl as Linda, and the girl in the supermarket as Pamela. Which child do you think has the highest grammatical and syntactic development? Why do you think so
Videos needed:

These 3 babies are in stage 4 so please just explain what are the reasons you know they are in stage 4

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