The associate AD is in charge of finance.

The associate AD is in charge of finance. He seems to do a good job, but he has trouble with accounts payable and accounts receivable. Bills for tickets and the summer camp are often sent a month or two after services are provided. Invoices received for service bought by the athletic department often go unpaid for several months. These delays might be caused by confusion, but some of the suppliers are alumni and late payments have caused some negative reactions. Develop a policy and procedures statement about how account payables and receivables should be handled in the future. What should the policy be for late payment and aging of accounts?
2-3 page document that demonstrates critically analysis of the material in and related to the course. The completed assignment will demonstrate an analysis of the readings, incorporate previous knowledge and the application of critical thinking skills. The submission should make evident a thorough understanding of material articulated at a graduate level. All submissions must incorporate aspects from the textbook, additional peer-reviewed materials and other related information properly cited and referenced. The submission must meet the standards for typed assignments for course including the use of additional academic sources
required text: Fried, G., DeSchriver, T.D , & Mondello, M. (2019). Sport finance (4th ed.). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.

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