The difference between porosity and permeability


Question #1
Discuss the importance of the 1970 amendments and the 1990 amendments to the Clean Air Act. When might an environmental consultant encounter these regulations at a site?
What is RCRA and what does it regulate? Describe the cradle to grave concept, and discuss how an environmental consultant might deal with RCRA on the job.

Unit #2
What is the difference between porosity and permeability? How do these characteristics of the subsurface affect the fate and transport of chemicals?
Explain the forces of retardation and attenuation in the subsurface.

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Unit #3
Question #1
How are aerial maps, fire insurance maps, and street directories used to assess the potential for environmental contamination in a Phase I ESA?
Question #2
If you were conducting a Phase I ESA, how would the property type influence the areas of concern that you might be looking for? Provide an example of two types of properties (for example, a dry cleaner and an abandoned gas station), and point out three areas of concern you would look for at each type of property. You may use the example in this question or provide your own example.

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