The Effects of Homelessness on Children’s Development



Analyzing Research Articles
The purpose of this assignment is to give me experience in critically evaluating research articles and to
encourage me to critically evaluate information presented in this format. Your task is to prepare a college level
paper that addresses each of the following areas:
1. Briefly describe the topic of the research.
2. State the study’s hypothesis or hypotheses. If there are no hypotheses, what is the intent of the study?
B. Method
1. Who were the participants? Were they selected in any specific manner or by any criteria? Were any
participants excluded from participation? If so, why?
3. Identify the type of design (e.g., experimental, correlational, naturalistic, etc.) that was used.
4. a. If the design is correlational, indicate which variables were to be associated with one another.
b.. If the design is experimental, indicate which variables are independent and which are dependent.
C. Confounds and Ethical Issues
1. Indicate whether or not there were any biases present in the selection of subjects.
2. Were the subjects at any risk? If so, what safeguards did the researcher introduce into the study?
4. Did you find any ethical issues that were not addressed adequately?
D. Results
1 Explain how the results support or do not support the hypotheses.
E. Discussion
1. What major conclusions do the authors draw?
2. How are their findings related to prior research?
3. Are there any practical applications of the findings? If yes, name them.
4. Do you think this research study was well executed? Were there any flaws?
5. What future research should be conducted?
6. Reference Page

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