The Final Project Themes List 

1. Review the Final Project Themes List attached belo, and identify the theme you find most interesting. In the textbox below, write the theme you will write about and include a few words about why you chose it.


2. Identify the artworks that correspond to the theme and period you chose from the Final Project Themes List. Write the artist, title, date, medium, dimensions, cultural origin, stylistic movement, and current location (museum, gallery, or private collection) for each artwork in the textbox below.

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3. Identify the contemporary connection that corresponds to the theme and artworks you chose from the Final Project Themes List.


4. Write down what you hope your readers will learn about the importance of your comparison. What better understanding of the theme, represented in these works of art, might they gain? It may help you in answering this question to think back to your reasons for choosing the theme you selected in question 1.

 5. Identify the theme and two works you have selected for this assignment.

6. Write 1-2 sentences to introduce each work of art. Be sure to include the artist, title, date, medium, dimensions, the cultural origin or period of creation, and current location or collection of each artwork in the textbox below.


7. In the textbox below, write 1-2 sentences that explain the relationship between the two works and their shared theme. Consider what is significant about their relationship.