The Management Challenges



The first reading is: Raghavan, V., Goff, A. & Sakaguchi, T. (2014). “Implementing an off-the-shelf insurance management system in a small business.” Journal of Business Cases and Applications, Oct 2014, pp. 1-12.

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This reading shows the often chaotic process of implementing an information technology system in an organization.

The second reading is The Dentist Office, Software Story.

This reading shows the constant disruption that is taking place in the market for information technology systems.

Together the readings give you an idea of the environment that a manager of a small company is in.

The company isn’t large enough to have an IT department and relies on applications from a vendor.

The internal process, as the case shows, can be difficult and time-consuming. Getting buy-in from the employees who will use the system can be a fraught process. With many conflicting needs and desires.

On the vendor side, as shown in the second reading, there is constant disruption. New companies and technologies are constantly coming into the market. A company’s previous vendor could go out of business or they may no longer have the best options and features for the cost.


The Management Challenge- Contains unread posts
For this discussion imagine that you are a manager at an organization similar to the company in the insurance case and you have to make a buy decision for a new IT application.

As in the case, the employees who are going to be using the system are resistant to the change — and may fight you on it.

At the same time, the vendor options keep shifting as illustrated in the dentist office reading.

How do you manage this?





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