The nature of beliefs


Develop a presentation using PowerPoint, Prezi, or by drawing an actual map based on one of the following topics
1. Reason and emotions.
2. Subjectivity and Identity
3. Making Good Actions, Being a Good Person, or Realizing a go
4. The nature of beliefs
5. What’s good and what’s right”

– this is MAP, so you should incorporate bubbles, different kinds of arrows, colors, and include a LEGEND to allow me to understand your connections and why you are making them
For a visual example:
– combine at least three of the theories we have analyzed during the semester
1. Descartes
2. Plato’s Legacy
3. Chalmers
4. Hume and Induction
5. Locke and Goldie – Identity and Narrative Thinking
6. Aristotle and Virtue Ethics

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– include text explaining why the connection was made and what the theory is
– include at least three contemporary examples or links to videos
– connections can be made because of affinity (similar theories), contrast (radically different points of view), etc. and can include crossings between metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics

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