The novel “Still Life with a Birdie” by Zbigniew Herbert.


Write an analytical essay about the novel “Still Life with a Birdie” by Zbigniew Herbert.

The topic given is “At times, Still Life with a Bridleseems like a collection of facts and fragments that are assembled and left for us to read and interpret. At others, Herbert offers a more personal narrative in which he wonders aloud and attempts to connect the fragments he collects. Like the painting from which it takes its name, Herbert’s Still Life with a Bridlecan be said to take the form of a collage combining essay, fiction,and travel writing with a range of subjects and materials. Discuss the way these personal reflections frame the seemingly more objective fragments.”

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Include quotations from the novel throughout the entire essay. Quotations are preferable from the copy published by HCP, translated by Carpenter, and ISBN: 9780880013208. Make sure to have a clear thesis on the topic given above in the introduction paragraph.

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