The Perfect Job Assignment


In no more than four double-spaced  pages in WORD format, plus a title page, one appendix, and a reference  page, complete the following:

  1. Page One – Describe Your Perfect Job: After reviewing all of what  you learned about yourself (Interests, Values and Skills, Birkman® &  other assessments you have taken to date), describe what you believe  could be “your perfect job.” Then support your belief by comparing it to  your unique personality and leadership make-up.
  2. Page Two – Assess A Real Posting Of Your Perfect Job: Search the  Internet for the perfect job – a job perfectly suitable to your unique  make-up. (Copy and paste the actual job posting into an appendix – see  below). Describe what the job is, and why you think that job is suitable  for you.
  3. Page Three – Customize A Cover  Letter: Draft a customized one-page cover letter so that it aligns  closely with the employer, as you learned about in Chapter 7 of Designing Your Life.
  4. Page Four – Customize A Resume: Draft a customized one-page resume  so that it aligns closely with the employer, as you learned about in  Chapter 7 of Designing Your Life.
  5. Appendix – The Posting Of Your Perfect Job: Copy and paste into your  document the actual job posting of your perfect job (see #2 above).  NOTE: If the job posting is in .pdf format, you may be able to copy and  paste the text, OR you may be able to save the file and then insert it  like a picture into your WORD document.

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