The politics of race and racism

The politics of race and racism has developed in to a complex topic of the modern day society. The Black and white races since history been engulfed in endless supremacy battles in the quest to defend their respective believes. White like Me is more of an activist geared towards creating a sense of equity between these races by eroding the misled racial paradigms. The primary reason why we keep on conflicting with one another on racial foundation is the lack of a unique form of activism that advocates for polemic leadership and interaction with one another without necessary being controlled by the naïve hoodoo of racial identity (Media Education Foundation, 2010). Tim Wise has to be the pioneer of the post-racism era and the general of sanity over racial differences. In the movie White like me, Tim explores the dirty politics of race and racism by evaluating the so called white privilege.

Though Tim Wise’s work the teacher derives important knowledge on what is the most profitable type of activism. Indeed there is a thin line between hooliganism and activism. It is an important film therefore that helps the teacher to explain these too such that as the students, we are well equipped with a judgmental conscience that evaluates whether we act as hooligans of activists (Media Education Foundation, 2010).

While the white race argue that America is a white nation and that every black man around should be a slave; Tim’s criticism of the ideology presents us with a situation where a white person appears to differed with the state of status quo in the name of humanity. Activists do not always have to employ violent means to advocate for democracy. The best activist in fact pursues socio-economic ideologies by uniting tribes from divergent origin. Education is the perfect way to bring together people of different races. After all, there is nothing like white privilege (Media Education Foundation, 2010).

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The so called white supremacy as depicted in Tim’s work is a naïve obsession with skin color. Apparently, there is no race that is naturally predisposed to be intelligent than Theo other and as such all of us must undergo standardized academic processes in order to acquire the relevant information, the film basically challenges the naivety of the white race in particular (Media Education Foundation, 2010) . If the so called white privilege thing is real, then whey should some white propel still beg in our streets while other turn on to become rogue? It is a critical condition that the teacher deems every useful in understanding that the difference in skin color is just but an activity of the human body endocrine system.

To secure the society therefore form such naïve thinking and mediocre actions Tim’s film is used to showcase how naïve approach to the politics of race and racism has been undermining the potential of the modern society. When Aristotle defined man as a political animal, he literally meant described the wild personality of human beings. The teacher’s approach in introducing this film must be complemented (Media Education Foundation, 2010).

It is a film that erodes and discourages the ethnic feud born from maintaining idiotic malfunction political culture. Racial discrimination is indeed a provocative vice that motivates the marginalized race to aspire to revenge to their master if any channel avails itself. To combat such negative reactions within the society, education is the perfect method to erode the obsolete racial qualities. Therefore by introducing us to the Tim wise film; our teacher opts to take the brilliant way develop a lasting solution to the challenge of race and racial discrimination politics.

The speech greatly relates with what we learn. While the white supremacists argue that the white race as the dominate race has to enjoy some privileges over the black race; Tim believes every person in the society has to have equal opportunity to access all aspects of life. In the class, the racial differences are described as vague assertions that should not negatively influence the outcome of a certain exercise. White like Me basically uproots the misled notion held by the white supremacist that they were born leaders and that the black race has to their leadership (Media Education Foundation, 2010).

This change has practically been manifested in the United States. After long battles for equality by people like Martin Luther king Jnr, the American dream finally materialized. America has been under the able leadership of the first black president ever who was jointly elected by the white and black races in the American society. The fact that President Obama is black does not mean that the black race has become superior that the white neither the white became subjects of the blacks (Media Education Foundation, 2010).

Through Tim Wise’s film, the obsolete racial discriminative racial dogmas particularly in the white society are highly condemned and those who promote them cautioned. We are encouraged to live in a robust and free community with equal opportunities for any person regardless of their race. It is the only way to live in a peaceful, self-sustainable contemporary society. It is one of the best movies in the market tacking the issue of race and racial politics without fear or favor.


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