The right relationships in the wrong places.

Read and Analyze.

Case study insight: The right relationships in the wrong places.

One company reported that it had excellent, level 4 and 5 relationships in one of its key customers. However, when it added importance and relationship to the customer’s organization chart, it became apparent that these relationships were mostly with people they worked with day-to-day, but that relationships with key decision makers were few and weak. At about the same time, they received the news that a director of their main competitor was appointed as a non-executive director on the customer’s Board. Their best relationships were in the wrong places, not with people who really mattered.

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How should the key account manager handle this problem?

(Excerpt from Key Account Management eBook: Woodburn, Diana & Malcolm McDonald. (2011). Key Account Management: The Definitive Guide. (3rd). UK: Joh Wiley & sons Ltd. Page 94.)


Analyze the case and follow these steps:

Identify the problem in the case.
Cite the factors affecting the problem.
Propose 3 alternative course of actions
Choose the best course to address the problem.

Following these steps, submit a case report of analysis using this format:

Statement of the Problem:
General Problem: (Declarative statements)

Specific Problems: (Declarative or interrogative statements)

Areas of Considerations
(Briefly explain factors affecting the problems)

Alternative Courses of Actions
(briefly explain the three proposed courses of actions)

Recommendation and conclusions
(Decide on the course to take so as to address the problem)

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