The role of emotion in second language acquisition

This paper is focusing on the The role of emotion in second language acquisition.

The role of emotion in second language acquisition

More details;

Your first language (L1) feels natural to your ears because you acquire it during early childhood with the implication of the limbic system (Lieberman, 2000).

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Thanks to this, it is connected to your body through

“an intricate web of personal memories, images, sensory associations and affective reactions” (Pavlenko, 2005).

Languages learned later in life do not usually have the same sensual associations.

Of course this does not preclude adults from learning a second language (L2) or even attaining native-like performance, but this time it will usually be a combination of motivation, hard work, the L1-L2 distance, the target level, the method they choose and their language aptitude.

First language acquisition is a maturational process and the emotional aspect that you mention is in my opinion the most important feature; much more than attaining native-like pronunciation or achieving an acceptable level of fluency, which many adults are capable of.

What does it feel like to be emotional reading English? Notice what that feeling or those thoughts are like. Then imagine yourself having that experience while reading a foreign language.

Do that daily with your eyes clothes for a week with no expectation just have fun with it until the end of the week.

Also imagine yourself comforting a foreign a language book daily as if it was something that feels comforting like a love one or an wold teddy.

Then read a foreign book and notice how you feel. Do these exercises for 10 minutes each. Just notice the difference it makes you may notice a big difference by the fourth day some people do.


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