The site of Guila Naquitz



As you watch the film, please answer the following questions in 2-3 sentences each.
1) Where is the site of Guila Naquitz located? What happened at this site, and why is it significant for
understanding the origins of Mesoamerican civilizations?
2) What is the relationship the rise of agriculture and the rise in warfare and conflict in the Valley of Oaxaca?
3) When was the site of San Jose Mogote founded, and why is it significant? What might Monument 3 at San
Jose Mogote tell you about the nature of the society at this site?
4) Who built the ancient city of Monte Alban? You do you think they put so much effort into building this citadel
on a hill?
5) According to archaeologist Alex Padillo, why are ballcourts so significant? What might Zapotec ballcourts
and the ball game have in common with contemporary sports, like basketball or soccer?
6) Why was obsidian such an important natural resource in ancient Mexico?
7) What evidence is there to suggest that the ancient state of Teotihuacan conquered large parts of central
Mexico and even influenced Maya civilization?
8) What do you think about the closing argument of the film, that war and civilization are forever intertwined?
Do you think the evidence presented in the films supports that idea?

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