Then write a 6 Page

Garden Visits
Visit a minimum of three “kinds” of gardens (online or in person)
a public garden (I will be providing links to gardens on Canvas)
a friend or acquaintance’s garden or random garden in your neighborhood
memories of a garden from your childhood
your own garden
a community garden
a radically different kind of garden (stretch your conception of what a garden is)
Try to visit a variety of these possibilities.
As you visit these places, take notes about your observations and ask yourself, based on  what you observe: “What is a garden?” and “Why do we garden?”
Then write a 2-page, double-spaced, informal narrative (free write) that explains how what you experienced, pondered and concluded helps you address these questions (and begin to provide some possible answers).
However, this is not a formal essay, so do not include an introduction, thesis, conclusion or be concerned about PIE paragraph construction, etc.
The more detailed and informative your discussion, the more valuable the assignment will be for you. Your task is to begin writing your thoughts about how to answer these questions.
Note: How you think and write about the questions is more important than what you witnessed / observed <– come to some conclusions about what you saw.


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