There are 14 different titles for you to choose from.

1. What is the Professional Practice Research Report (PPRR)?
The PPRR is a self-study module to be completed by students seeking the LPC LLM award. The PPRR gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to carry out an in-depth investigation into a topic linked to one of the core practice areas or elective subjects and to present your findings in the PPRR assessment. The assessment will consist of a written report of no more than 3,000 words which should demonstrate a critical awareness of developments and current issues in the topic under discussion. The report should be written in clear and concise language and should aim to demonstrate critical evaluation, analysis and reflection rather than being merely descriptive of the topic covered. In particular, you will need to demonstrate your ability to carry out effective and relevant independent research as part of your assessment (for more on learning outcomes see Q15). You will also be required to submit a Reflective Statement of no more than 500 words (for more on this see Q13).
2. How do I select my PPRR title?
There are 14 different titles for you to choose from.
The titles will be emailed to you with these instructions. You will also be able to access the titles via ELITE. The online portal inviting you to make your choice will open on 23 November. You need to select your PPRR title and notify the University of your choice by no later than 4pm on 22 February 2021. Although the titles mentioned above have been approved by the external examiner as being suitable to demonstrate the learning outcomes, there is also the option of drafting your own title (a “bespoke” title). Please be aware that this would have to be approved by your Campus LPC Programme and Student Lead (PSL), and we can make no commitment to accept such a title. Factors which the PSL will apply in the approval process of a bespoke title include 
 the subject area – it must relate to one of the Core Practice Areas or one of the elective subjects
 resources within campus for the marking of the title
 whether your title would be capable of achieving the learning outcomes set out in Q15 below. 
3. How do I inform the University of my title choice?
You will be asked to complete a choice form via ELITE. You will receive an email with a link to the form as soon as it is available.
4. In what form will I be required to submit my PPRR?
You will be required to submit your PPRR electronically via Turnitin to your Assessment Office by the deadline specified below. 


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