Thinking About Tone and Language


Prior to beginning this discussion, read the following:


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Write: 2-3 Paragraphs

In this discussion, you and your classmates will reflect on what makes writing persuasive. Much practical writing (noncreative) is intended to persuade in some way or another. As you have read, business writing always makes an ask of the reader, even if it is just for their attention. In this discussion, reflect on the following topics and address them in your post:

  • Share with the group something you have read recently and found persuasive. It might have been an opinion piece in a newspaper or magazine, a post on social media, a brochure, or a billboard.
    • Explain what makes the writing persuasive. How did the writer convince you? Provide evidence from the writing to support your explanation.
  • Think of a piece of writing you have seen in a work context that you found persuasive. It might have been an email, a memo describing a new policy, or a recommendation for a change in procedures. Share that example with your classmates.
    • Explain what makes the work context writing piece persuasive. Again, how did the writer convice you? Provide evidence from the writing to support your explanation.
  • Working from these two examples, generalize about what makes writing persuasive. Are there elements that all persuasive writing has in common?




Respond to at two classmates post

Use this discussion as an opportunity to get to know each other, share ideas, ask questions, explore differences, and think critically about your assumptions. 2-4 Sentences