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This assignment has at least two main parts. A: Provide a written analysis of a recent diversity challenge for employees, managers and workforce diversity topics that are in the news. B: Discuss and recommend an ideal organizational environment (an inclusive organizational culture) that values and encourages creativity in an inclusive workplace. Discuss what organizations and managers can do to better utilize their diverse employees’ views and creativity. Make sure your paper is written in the APA format. For a standardized and formal process, unless suggested otherwise, you can use the following suggestions for preparing the assignment: Introduction: Review and provide a brief summary of a recent case (or topic) in the news. Discuss the dilemma, the challenge or problems that are apparent. Clearly state the main problem or opportunity statement facing you or managers in this case. Recommendations / Alternatives: Provide recommendations or at least one reasonable alternative to solve the problem, enhance performance (capitalize on the opportunity) or to enhance the work environment. Define and describe an idea inclusive organizational culture. Then, justify your recommendation for creating an inclusive organizational culture. Implementation / Mentoring Plan: Offer an implementation and/or mentoring plan and relevant steps for the stated alternative (preferably using bullet points, a table or a Gantt chart). Summary: Provide an overall summary and discuss what employees, managers, and firms can learn from the lessons offered in this case. If relevant, you can include data, tables, figures, models, and graphs as such visuals make the material easier to read and more interesting. Make sure to label your visuals appropriately. Make sure to provide full references at the end of your paper. Overall, the paper must be fully in the American Psychological Association (APA) format


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