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This paper should be 500 to 750 words, and must include references to the course materials or other articles, thus demonstrating an understanding of the learning objectives for the unit. You are to use APA style in formatting and referencing. readings from this unit: Bandura, A. (2002). Selective moral disengagement in the exercise of moral agency. Journal of Moral Education, 31 (2), 101–119. Bandura, A., Caprara, G.-V., & Zsolnai, L. (2000). Corporate transgressions through moral disengagement. Journal of Human Values, 6 (1), 57–64. Wikipedia. (2009). Chicago Tylenol murders. Delattre, Chapter 4, “The Public Trust and Probity,” pp. 38–48 Delattre, Chapter 6, “Public Corruption for Profit,” pp. 71–94 Each Unit Exercise is to be written and submitted as an MS Word document. **** Moral disengagement is a process whereby people use excuses for dishonest behaviour. They modify their beliefs about their bad behaviour, thereby alleviating the dilemma from the equation. Former US soldier Lynndie England was a central figure in the Abu Ghraib torture case of Iraqi soldiers. Explain how England and others exhibit moral disengagement theory. The story about Lynndie England on is one of several you should visit in researching this case. 


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