Today’s business environment

Week 1
Explain the distinction between Exclusive Powers, Concurrent Powers and Residual Powers, which are
outlined in the Australian Constitution. Give an example of each power. (10 marks, maximum 300
Week 2
You are in the train station waiting for your train to arrive. You see a vending machine from where you
can buy snacks and chips for $3.50. Posted on the machine is a sign saying: “Property of XYZ
Vendsolutions Pty Ltd”. You insert the coins required into the machine and out comes a packet of
chips. However, when you open the packet of chips, you find bits of plastic inside and you don’t want
to eat the chips. You want your money back.
With reference to the essential elements for the formation of a contract, explain:
a) Did you enter into a contract in this scenario? (5 marks, maximum 500 words)
b) If your answer is yes, with whom did you enter a contract? (5 marks, maximum 150 words)
Week 3
What are the common law rules regarding contracts entered into by infants, and when are such
contracts valid, voidable or void? (10 marks, maximum 300 words)
Week 4
Explain the operation of the contra proferentem rule. Is such a rule defensible in today’s business
environment? (10 marks, maximum 300 words)