Topic United States Constitution


The United States Constitution establishes separate branches of the federal government, each with the ability to curb the power of the other branches. This system of checks and balances has prevented and corrected excesses of power but also led to instances of gridlock in the federal government.

Develop an argument that explains whether the system of checks and balances has hindered or benefited the national policy making process. In your essay, you must:

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Articulate a defensible claim or thesis that responds to the prompt and establishes a line of reasoning

Support your claim or thesis with at least TWO pieces of accurate and relevant information:

At least ONE piece of evidence must be from the U.S. Constitution (including amendments)

At least ONE piece of evidence must be from Federalist No. 51

Use reasoning to explain why your evidence supports your claim/thesis

Respond to an opposing or alternative perspective using refutation, concession, or rebuttal

essay, history, 2/550

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