TOUR 10015 Tourism And Event Industry

Part A: Written Component: Together as a group you are to write a research paper that uses industry theories to support your choices.
You must include the following in your paper.
Information on the niche or specialty agency you will create. (Why this choice – back it up with facts and information) What will make you different from other agencies?  Include the type of product you will sell.
Why or why not join an organization
oif yes – what are the benefits
oif not – what are the benefits
How will you create awareness of the “new” agency? Online? Social media platforms? Why? Benefits? (Website, Facebook, Twitter, Blog) Who will maintain them? What are the costs? New location and hours?
What knowledge and skills are needed from employees? CTC – Destination specialists, TICO.  Office administration or accounting skills?
What type of technology would you be using? What are the benefits? Costs?
Include a Title Page and follow APA formatting guidelines in regard to layout and references.

Part B: Website Component
Together as a group you will present the “new” agency by creating a website on (Create this as if a potential client was going to read it and wanted to find out everything your agency was about).
You must include the following pages: Use titles and order as given.
Home page: Name of agency, address, and contact information
About Us: Write a blurb about the agency – how long it has been in business, employee expertise (CTC and why). Include information about industry associations and why you are a member?
What We Do: Provide details about your niche or specialization. (Example: If you specialize in Peru you will talk about the destination, maybe provide a map, attraction list, weather info.  If your niche is biking tours, you might want to give some general information about cycling, types of bikes used, expertise needed and maybe some general biking info)

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