Traded corporations within the same industry


Choose at least two (and at most four) publically traded corporations within the same industry
(i.e. Construction, pharmaceutical, computer, etc.) and use what you have learned during the semester to
compare the capital structure, present financial condition, and future outlook of the corporations. Your research
paper should adhere to the following guidelines:
· Use at least 5 ratios to compare the corporations
· Explain the limitations of the rations and why they may not explain the full situation of the corps’ financial
· Explain why one company is better (best if you compare three or more)
· Research the corporations’ annual reports for 2019, news, articles, websites, etc. to find the latest news on
the companies’ plans/projects. You can use this in your argument to show which corporation is or will be more
successful in maximizing shareholder wealth. (The most recent annual reports are 2019. 2020 annual reports
have not come out yet. Many times annual reports can be accessed by typing the name of the corporation into
Google and then typing “annual report.” This should lead you to the area of the corporation’s website which
contains the annual report.

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