Turkish History4

Question – Was the Ottoman Empire destroyed by its external opponents, or ripped apart by internal forces that it couldn’t contain? READING LIST Davison, R. H., 1990. Essays in Ottoman & Turkish History, 1774-1923. Texas, UoTexas. Davison, R., 1973. Reform in the Ottoman Empire. NY, Gordian. Goodwin, J., 1999. Lords of the Horizons, a History of the Ottoman Empire, London, Verso. Grant, J., 1999. ‘Rethinking the Ottoman “Decline”: Military Technology Diffusion in the Ottoman Empire, Fifteenth to Eighteenth Centuries’, Journal of World History, Vol. 10, No. 1, pp. 179-201. Mazower, M. 2000. The Balkans, London, Weidenfield & Nicolson. McCarthy, J. 2001. The Ottoman Peoples and the end of Empire. Oxford, O.U.P. Shaw, S.J. & Ezel Kural, 1976: History of the Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey. Cambridge, C.U.P. Guidance Notes You are supposed to produce an essay this time. This means that we expect you to do everything that you’ve learned in Academic English about structuring a piece of writing. Therefore, pay particular attention to the introduction and conclusion and use the ‘counter argument’ structure to help make your argument/analysis both clearer and stronger.
This last point is VERY important because what we want you to do is to ANALYSE the issue presented in the title: yes, the facts and the ‘story’ of what happened are important so you need to discuss these, but we want you to discuss them, not narrate them. Also, please remember you need proper referencing throughout your essay and a well-formatted bibliography at the end. If in doubt, consult your Academic English work for these points. Get reading, start writing and then we’ll look at your work in progress/drafts of your essay together. Word limit – 1800 – 2200 words – Please use at least some text from the reading list to supplement the essay, but as it is said, the list is indicative and not exhaustive.


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