Understanding My Playing-with-Gender Act



Part Four of Applied Final Project, Playing with Gender: Understanding Our Gendered Selves:

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“Understanding My Playing-with-Gender Act” (20% of course grade; due end of Week 7) Five (5) pages (1200-1500 words)

All parts of this project should be formatted in APA style (follow for both essay and citation styles): https://libguides.umgc.edu/c.php?g=1003870


Purpose: Act Analysis

In this part of the assignment, you will perform, describe, and analyze your act. After you perform your act, compose a 5-page (1200-1500 words) task specifying your experiences. The first section (one-third to one-half of your paper) should describe your act and your responses to it, and the second section should analyze your act in terms of the scholarship on gender:


Section One (minimum 500 words):

1. Describe your act:

2. What did you do?

3. Where did you do it?

4. How did you prepare for it?

5. What responses did you get while performing your act?

6. How did you feel while performing your act?

7. What would you do differently if you had to perform this same act again? Would you perform the act in the same location and at same time? Would you change your appearance during the act? Would you do anything else differently?

8. Please refer directly to the required reading on Participant Observation (Mack et al., 2005) in this section of the paper (Mack et al., 2005) ( PLEASE see attached for document):

Mack et al. (2005).  “Module Two: Participant Observation,” from Qualitative Research Methods: A Data Collector’s Field Guide, Family Health International. Read Module 2, pages 13-27. Retrieved from  https://www.fhi360.org/sites/default/files/media/documents/Qualitative%20Research%20Methods%20-%20A%20Data%20Collector’s%20Field%20Guide.pdf


Section Two: (minimum 700 words): 

(Please see attached for document listing the sources)


Referring directly to at least three academic sources for support (these may be pulled from the sources you identified and discussed in your Annotated Bibliography for Part 3  and/or the readings for this class), consider the potential impact of your act. Here are some questions to consider (you do not have to answer all of these questions; they are provided to help you to think about ways your act may have impact on society):

· Can you explain the range of reactions to your act? Did those reactions reflect any of the sociological scholarship found in the course readings or in your research? Did any of the reactions challenge that research?

· How do you think class, race, age, and sexuality came into play during the conception and performance of the act?

· Was performing this act an act of feminism? Why? and, if so, what type(s) of feminism?

· Was your act an act of activism? That is, could it help to create social change? If so, how?


Please see attached for Project 1, 2 & 3 for information and assistance.