Understanding the Nature of Homeland Security in the United States

Our nation has historically possessed a proactive approach to defending itself and our people. Prior to 9/11 the
most significant attack against the homeland of the United States was the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing.
Unfortunately, this attack did not have a significant impact on American perceptions of safety or the political
landscape. However, as a result of the horrific attacks on 9/11/2001, a complete transformation of our nation’s
security measures occurred. This transformation included the creation of an entirely new federal agency, the
Department of Homeland Security, whose sole task is to prevent future attacks against the homeland.
1. Read the following from your textbook, Homeland Security and Terrorism, 2nd ed.:
a. Chapter 1 “Introduction to Homeland Security”
b. Chapter 2 “The Homeland Security Apparatus”
2. In a minimum 250-word initial post, respond to the following discussion questions:
a. Describe the mission and goals of homeland security in the United States.
b. Explain the scope of homeland security.
c. Discuss the impact of the National Strategy for Homeland Security report on homeland security strategies
and tactics.

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