One way to improve a process is to eliminate non-value-added activities and wasted effort. A consultant was hired to improve the efficiency in a large shop floor operation. She tested three different workspace designs and measured the process flow time (in days) for each design. The data from her experiment is in the Excel document titled “Workspace Design” in Moodle. Is there evidence that any of these workspaces impact process flow time? If so, which workspace design is best? Test this at a 1% significance level.

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7) Is square footage of a house a good predictor of its selling price? You have been asked by to conduct a simple regression analysis to answer this question. The data is housed in the Excel document titled “Zillow”.

a. Define the two variables being sure to include the units of measure and which variable is the explanatory and which is the response.

b. Produce a scatterplot (in Excel).

c. Report the correlation coefficient (r) rounded to the hundredths place.

d. Regression equation (include snip from JMP).

e. Descriptive statistics for the explanatory variable (include snip from JMP).

f. Discuss the scatterplot and what it shows in terms of the relationship between the two variables.


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