Velocity Analysis




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1. A piece of plastic has a charge of -1.00 C, a mass of 0.100 kg and moves with velocity ⃗ =2.00 ȷ̂ −1.00 ̂ v→=2.00msȷ^−1.00msk^. It is in a magnetic field: ⃗ =1.00 ı̂ +2.00 ȷ̂ −1.00 ̂ B→=1.00Tı^+2.00Tȷ^−1.00Tk^

Find the net force on the charge.


2.Use the same charge and velocity as in the last question.

It is now in a perpendicular magnetic field with magnitude 4.00 mT.

(a) Find the radius of the orbit (you’ll need the magnitude of the v vector)

(b) How long will it take the charge to complete 12 orbits?


3.How much current do I run through a 200.0g wire that is 25.0 cm long that is immersed in a perpendicular 1.00 T magnetic field so that its acceleration is 2.50 m/s2?


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