Victimology (stalking) | Criminal homework help

This course is designed to introduce students to the topic of victimology, the scientific study of victims.  Although at least one pioneer in the field, Benjamin Mendelsohn, argues that the term “victimology” should encompass a broad spectrum of “victims”, this course will focus only on criminal victimization.  While traditionally, criminologists and criminal justice professionals have focused on the offender and the criminal justice system, it is only recently that they have begun to examine the victim, the forgotten member of the criminal process.  In this course, we will examine the field of victimology, including its scope and development, review the problems associated with victimization, examine the relationship between the victim and the offender, the victim and the criminal justice system, and the victim and society.  We will also discuss various practical applications and policies that have resulted from society’s increasing concern about victims.

Student outcomes:

  • explain the historical development of victimology and the victim’s movement
  • discuss the progress away from a victim justice system towards the development of a criminal justice      system
  • discuss the ways that crime impacts victims and the various methods developed to assist victims in      dealing with the effects of crime and with the criminal justice system
  • understand and evaluate research into various victim-related issues
  • discuss the impacts of specific types of violent crimes on victims
  • discuss the development of victim rights in the United States
  • understand the impact of the increased societal concern over victims on social policy and practice 

Each student will complete an in-depth research project (12-15 pages typed, not including reference page and title page) on some aspect of victimology (stalking). Start thinking about what you are interested in examining in more detail. 

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Crime Victims: An introduction to Victimology, 10th Ed.

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Please use APA format