Video Analysis



Make a teaser video to get us interested in your coming speech!

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Your video should be approximately 30 to 60 seconds.

Read and follow the guidance in Chapter 14, section 14-1c Designing the Introduction, including especially these parts:

Capture Listeners’ Attention — This section has great tips on starting off powerfully.

Present a Clear Thesis Statement — Also consult Chapter 12 section 12-c on this.

Preview the Body — In two or three sentence, let us know what to expect!

(Note: I left out Build Credibility. It’s not as important as the three items above.)


Required Reading

To prepare this outline, you will need to review and follow the guidance provided in the following sections of your text:

Chapter 12

12-2c Develop a Thesis Statement

Chapter 13

13-1 Conducting Research

o13-1a Online Research

o13-1b Library Research

13-2 Using Evidence to Support Ideas

o13-2a Statistics

o13-2b Examples

o13-2d Quotations

13-3 BOX: Communication Highlight: Evaluating Online Sources for Speeches

Chapter 14

14-1 Organizing Speeches – this entire section and all sub-sections

Table 14.1 Principles for Preparing a Formal Outline

Figure 14.1 A Formal Outline

Figure 14.2 A Key Word Outline

Specific Purpose

The specific purpose of your speech will be: To inform your audience about the contributions of [your chosen person] to the field of [the person’s field].

You will need to create the thesis statement, which will central to the Introduction of your outline.

Organizational Pattern

The organizational pattern should be temporal (also known as chronological), such as follows:

One main point on the background – the background of the person and the state of his or her field.

One or two main points on the contributions the person made to the field.

Outline Content and Format

Double – even triple – check that you follow these guidelines and examples:

Table 14.1 Principles for Preparing a Formal Outline

Figure 14.1 A Formal Outline

Figure 14.2 A Key Word Outline

Research Expectations

Incorporate at least 3 credible sources in your speech.

Ensure that your research is from credible sources. Review Sections 13-1a, 13-1b, and 13-3 Communication Highlight to evaluate them.

TYPICALLY, your sources should include:

Articles found via quality web searches, published in credible onlinemagazines, newspapers, or websites.

Articles found using theEBSCOhost online database.

Articles found in the References section of a Wikipedia article on the topic. (You may use some of the sourcesbehind the Wikipedia article — not the Wikipedia article itself.)

One or morebooks on the topic.





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