Violence against women act 1994 research paper

  Under each heading the following information should be including into paragraph form. Make sure to cite your work using APA style 7th edition. NO PLAGIARISM!! Make sure to include a reference page. Please put into your own words. Should be a total of 4-5 page not including title and reference page . Please label  the heading in paper in BOLD. Make sure to include all the information below.

Public Reaction:

  • Public’s response to social problem 
  • Public’s response to social policy 
  • Emphasis in Rural Communities 


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Social Welfare Policy: 

  • Identify specific policies, laws or administrative rules addressing social problem 
  • Critical Theory Model perspective of policy
  • Pros and cons of policies 
  • Policy impact on social problem impact 


Social Welfare Programs: Implementations

  • Identification of specific social welfare programs (names)
  • Discuss eligibility of programs, services
  • Costs and effectiveness of specific programs (government spending) 


Actual Impact:

  • Summary of policy impact in addressing social problem
  • Actual changes due to implementation of policy