Volumetric flow rate

A two-stage air compressor with inter-stage cooling is shown in Figure P3.23. The dry air enters the first compressor stage at 1 atm, 25°C, a volumetric flow rate of 3500 cfm, and is compressed to 5 bar_ The air then passes through a hffit exchanger with no appreciable drop in pressure, after which, it is compressed in the second stage to 10 bar. The isentropic efficiency of both compression stages is 83%. The heat exchanger is a counter flow heat exchanger where the air is being cooled by water. The water enter the heat exchanger at 20°C and exits at25°C. The pinch point temperature difference of the heat exchanger 0 4 K and the pinch point occurs on the cold end. Determine the following,
a. The volumetric flow rate oldie cooling water entering the heat exchanger (asm) b. The total power draw of both compressors ONO c. Investigate the effect of the intermediate pressure P2 by constructing a plot that shows the total power draw as a function of P, for the range, 2 b&