What are some of the different kinds of jobs that psychologists do?

What are some of the different kinds of jobs that psychologists do? ● The most common psychological career is clinical psychology. Clinical psychologists use their skills to promote psychological health in groups and individuals. Clinical psychologists work in private practices, medical systems, schools, counseling centers, government agencies, and mental health service organizations.

● Academic psychologists work in colleges and universities conducting basic research. Neuropsychologists (or biopsychologists) explore how the structures of the brain work to produce behaviors. Social psychologists explore how our behaviors and mental processes are influenced by our interactions with others. Developmental psychologists study growth or development that takes place over the life span. Cognitive psychologists study mental processes. Experimental psychologists specialize in doing research in any of psychology’s subfields.

● Applied researchers work to solve specific, practical problems rather than to expand the scientific knowledge base of psychology. Forensic psychologists apply the law and psychological research methods to legal issues. Sports psychologists explore the psychological issues involved in improving athletic performance. Educational psychologists study how humans learn and look for ways to improve the learning process. Human factors psychologists explore how people and machines interact to minimize frustration and maximize safety and productivity. Industrial organizational (I/O) psychologists use psychological concepts to help businesses and organizations operate better and more efficiently. School psychologists work to improve the development of children in school settings. Consumer psychologists use research to figure out why people buy products. Rehabilitation psychologists help those who have lost optimal cognitive or physical skills due to medical conditions. Health psychologists research ways to prevent disease and promote health. Social workers have an undergraduate or master’s degree in psychology or social work and want to improve the lives of others.

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