What are the benefits of DACA and DREAMers

What are the benefits of DACA and DREAMers
What is the issue/problem you want to explore?
1) It could be a specific, personal problem such as bullying, anxiety, procrastination, disability, etc. What have I done and what could I do to deal with this problem?
2) It could be a specific issue/problem in a job or profession that you would like to enter. Here are some examples of what you could explore.
a. Perhaps you are interested in nursing and in some way have experience with this profession. The nursing profession has issues with turnover, reduction of infections, bullying, etc. Suppose you want to research reduction of infections; you must have a specific, personal illustration upon which to base the essay; for instance, have you been a patient in the hospital and experienced an infection? If so, you could write about the problem you encountered and discuss what the nurses did and could have done to prevent it.
b. Perhaps you want to be a missionary and have been on a mission’s trip. You could explore an issue you encountered and explore options.
c. Perhaps you have been in a youth group and want to be a youth pastor. You might explore what can be done to reach youth and to help youth grow in their relationship with the Lord.
3) It could be about a specific, personal question concerning your religion; for instance, how do I respond to homosexuals in school or in the workplace? Why do young people leave the church, and what can be done about it?

Your academic essay should explore a topic of interest to you and connect it in some way with the concepts in this course. You should cite 1 article that you have already read in addition to another 5 articles that you find on your own. Your academic essay will have at least 8 citations from a total of 6 different sources.

Audience, purpose: Audiences: 1) If you choose a specific personal problem, your audience will be peers who have experienced that specific issue/problem. Your purpose is to provide insight in how to deal with the problem. 2) If you choose a particular profession, your audience will be peers in the profession you want to join (the kind of job you are pursuing). Your purpose will be to help others in this profession to improve their understanding of your chosen topic. Professionals in your field will not have read the articles you have read, so your insights on your chosen topic, insights gained in part from your knowledge of the concepts in this course, will be a new “take” on the topic. In other words, you will contribute something new to conversations on your topic. 3) If you choose a question about religion/practice, your peers will be others who are also grappling with the concept. Your purpose is to provide insight or understanding.

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Specific requirements: 8-9 pages, double spaced, MLA formatted essay. You must use at least 8 quotes properly cited from at least 6 different sources. ALL citations must be introduced or integrated into your own text.