What are you hoping to accomplish by running this group?

Assignment Instructions: Student will create their own group proposal based on the needs of the community or need for a service using the criteria listed below. Proposal will require a title page, reference page, brief introduction, rationale, objectives, and practical considerations, group procedures, and evaluation of the group. The proposal must be in APA format. Rational for the group-Must provide rational as to why group is created. Writing should strive toward explaining what type of group is being proposed along with why this group is important or worthwhile. Such an explanation might include a perceived client need, a particular social trend, neglected issues, or recent research that suggest that a particular group intervention is of preference. Objectives for the group-What are you hoping to accomplish by running this group? Your objectives need to be congruent with the rationale for the group detailed in the previous. For example, if your rationale states that you are starting a group to address issues of loss and grieving because there are eight clients at your agency who had just loss significant other, it would not be appropriate to have objectives geared toward reducing symptoms of bulimia. You must ask yourself, What do I most want the people in this group to gain from being a member of the group? Also make objectives specific and measurable. For example in a personal growth group an objective might be as follow: Each group member will share and express of feelings towards others in the group using ahere and now frame of refrence. This objective is specific and it is measurable in that you can observe the number of times a member engages in the state form of group interaction. Practical Consideration-This category involves defining the nuts and bolts of forming and running the group. Where will the group come from? What population will you be looking for to work with? What type pof advertisement will you do? Where will the group meet? How many weeks will the group meet? What is the proposed length of time that each session will last? How will screening be conducted? How will the group members be informed whether they or not thay have been admitted into the group? How will those not admitted into the group be served (eg. Individual counseling or referral)? How will informed consent be gained pruior to members entering the group? How will members progree be recorded and by whom? These are just some questions that must be answered when taking the practical considerations of the group into account. Group Procedures- This category addresses the specific actions that you will engage in as you are conducting the group. This may involve the theoretical orientation that is being applied during the running of the group, specific exercises that may be involved, and elements of group process that may serve to meet the needs of the group members. When writing the procedures, the counselor should pay close attention to the objectives of the group in that it is by implementing the procedures that the group objectives are thought to be achieved. Evaluation of the Group- How will you determine the extent to which the group was a success? This element must also be related to the objectives for the group. If you objectives where written in specific and measurable terms, the evaluation is simplified. You may choose to evaluate the group in terms of making specific observations or in some cases measuring changes over time by conducting a pre-test and post-test procedure using an appropriate psychometric instrument. Group information: (Please use info below and add or delete Information created by writer if needed) SistaGirls Group- help at-risk pre-adolescent and adolescent females, ages 12-19, explore a wide range of issues that impact their daily lives. The groups provide the girls with the opportunity to explore their experiences of abuse, sexual exploitation, body image and violence, as well as their strengths and daily lived realities in a safe and non-threatening environment. Girls groups nurture and reinforce femaleness as a positive identity with inherent strengths to support healthy self-expression. They also provide decision-making models and life skills to aid in transition to womanhood. Purpose: To help influence the lives of teen girls (12-17) and help them discover their true identity and bright future.