what is bankruptcy and what are its characteristics.

1- what is bankruptcy and what are its characteristics. 2- how do declare when a person goes bankrupt and when. 3- effects of declaring bankruptcy on the debtor and creditors. and the second chapter was to cover the bankruptcy in USA as follows: 1- history of bankruptcy in USA 2-the rationale behind the bankruptcy laws in USA 3- bankruptcy policies :a) individual fresh start policy. b)reorganization of firms policy. 4) chapter 11 and how it works. 5) creditos committees and how the work. 6) Trustees or Bankruptcy Administrators in USA. and now I am in the chapter where I compare them both. So I want to cover the differences and similarities between both countries regarding bankruptcy laws. especially in the regard of rescuing the troubled projects and persons. My thesis core is to compare how each country rescue the bankrupt for example voluntary settlement – protective composition process in the new bankruptcy law of law (2016) I want to argue that the bankruptcy laws in UAE are lacking and should be improved. Notes: 1- please make sure that you are talking about the new bankruptcy law in UAE (2016) 2- the footnotes should be specific like when you footnote it should be page specific not around 20 or 30 pages. 3- please no plagiarism because it is going to be checked 100% . 4- the footnotes must be real because my advisors checks.