What is the proportion of GDP spent on health care. How much of this actually goes on patient care? For your presentation

IM0700 Group work presentation on global Health Care Systems Either in small groups or on your own prepare a presentation to the rest of the group on a chosen health care system. This may be from your own country or another country. Choose one patient journey from your group. It could be one person or a group of patients with the same health problem. For instance, care of the elderly, cancer care, diabetic care, maternity, mental health etc. Try to ‘map’ out a patient journey for your client/patient through each provision. Make some judgements based on: • Effectiveness of the system. What are the statistics on outcomes (mortality/morbidity). Break these down by gender, age, social class (income), ethnicity, location, for instance. • Universalism – can everyone access the health care system? How easy it to get treatment. Is it easier for some? • Access – other issues of access, such as locality of services and additional costs. How easy it is for people to get time off work to attend for care? • Fairness (who would be treated first? What would influence this decision?) Equity issues. • Cost – to the individual and to the state? What is the proportion of GDP spent on health care. How much of this actually goes on patient care? For your presentation. Spend about 15 minutes. Allow for a group discussion afterwards and any questions. Use notes, whiteboard, acetates, PowerPoint, role play or any method of your choice for your presentation. Please use references throughout your presentation and have a reference list at the end. Suggested Reading: DOH (2000) Options for funding health care. http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/+/www.dh.gov.uk/en/publicationsandstatistics/publications/publicationspolicyandguidance/browsable/DH_5204614 Himmeletein D. et al in Health Affairs 33, no 9 (2014) pages 1586-94 http://content.healthaffairs.org/content/33/9/1586.full.pdf+html Lister J. (2013) Health Policy Reform: Global Health vs Private Profit Chapter 8 Health Systems, finance and planning in: McCracken K. and Phillips D. (2012) Global Health: An Introduction to current and Future Trends Part 1: The politics of Provision in: Taylor G. and Hawley H. (2010) Key Debates in Health Care