What methods of health promotion and health education are recommended?

Health promotionOrder Description
Use Arial 12 point with 1.5 spacing and number the pages.
Where you have adapted material from a particular source you must reference correctly with Harvard citation.
This is a portfolio and not an essay so there is no need for an introduction or conclusion.
Start each of the 4 tasks on a separate page giving a number and title as a heading.
Write in full sentences in academic style unless reflection is specifically asked for; then it is acceptable to use I my.
List any references cited in each task at the end of that task
TASK 1 Health promoting health service (HPHS) self-assessment
Read the uploaded copy of HPHS Online Self-Assessment questionnaire and answer.
Write 200 words of reflection on your experience of undertaking this task your observations about the document and its language your feelings about the standards in your ward or hospital and anything which surprised you.
TASK 2 Priorities in Workplace health and health promotion
Access the document at the link below and write a report of400 words using your own words which addresses the following:
Who are the key stakeholders in workplace health promotion?
Why is workplace health so topical and what is the effect of an ageing workforce?
What methods of health promotion and health education are recommended?
Ministry of Health Singapore (2010) Report by the National Tripartite Committee on Workplace health. Available in the Sources for Portfolio Tasks
Please refer to uploaded file .
TASK 3 Health promotion projects and strategies
Access the links to the four health promotion projects below and take personal notes to compile information about each of the projects highlighting similarities and differences in approach using the template overleaf. Around 200 words
Health promotion projects
1. Cervical Screen Singapore (CSS) available at: http://www.hpb.gov.sg/programmes/article.aspx?id=3342
If unable to access above link just go to health screening > Cervical Cancer Screening.
2. TOUCH project available at: http://www.touch.org.sg/about_us
3. Strategy to Stop Tuberculosis 2011-2015 available at: http://www.wpro.who.int/entity/tb/documents/policy/2010/regional_strategy/en/index.html
4. Strategy on Diet Physical Activity and Health available at: http://www.who.int/dietphysicalactivity/en/
Project 1
CSS Project 2
Project 3
Strategy to stop TB Project 4
Strategy on Diet Physical Activity and Health
The scope of this project
Is it local regional national or international?
The target of this project
Is it for individuals groups communities or populations
The main focus of the project
Is it physical mental intellectual emotional social or societal in focus?
The need for the project
Established by individuals community voluntary organisation statutory organisation or government?
Method(s) used in the project to enable health improvement?
1:1 input leaflet advice or education group work community action TV/radio messages or laws/policies?
Task 4 Reflection on the module content
Write 200 words of personal reflection about your experience of undertaking the module. Consider your strengths and weaknesses in relation to:
Working online as a distance learner
The nature of some of the reading materials
The way you approached the module and its assignments
What you learned and how this links with the rest of your degree studies.
Just follow above mentioned .I am from Singapore and my school is in UK and then this is online module. Sometimes I have difficulty to access the online materials. Initially I dont even know how to start this assignment and ask friend to guide something like that just elaborate and create some possible answer.