what other diagnoses might be worth including in your differentials?

1. APA format 1 full page with 2 references no older than 5 years.
2. Address the following points:
• Did you agree with the choice of screening tools used for the patient? Support your answer.
• Find one helpful web based resource that provides information for the patient on their mental health or substance abuse issue. Add the link for the web site to your paper and discuss how you thought the information from the site might be helpful. Review the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) web site to explore the available tools for identification and measurement of mental health and substance abuse problems. Some of the tools you may want to use are linked on the SAMHRS site.
• Although the primary diagnosis for the patients in these cases are mental health or substance abuse related, what other diagnoses might be worth including in your differentials?

Case 2
Jenna is a 15 year old female and has been a patient of yours for some time. She was brought in by her mother today who reports that Jenna is having some strange behavior, along with periods of “being hyper, speaking rapidly, not sleeping for a couple of days, but not seeming tired”. Last week, Jenna started skipping school and was caught shop lifting. Jenna reports lack of concentration, being very distracted, and having racing thoughts. This week she feels very depressed and none of the things reported by her or her mother are present this week, rather symptoms are almost completely opposite.

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