immigration policy, police reform, or reproductive rights


Write a letter to someone who is important to you, such as a close friend or family member, about one of the issues we studied in our most recent modules: immigration policy, police reform, or reproductive rights and how those issues may impact their civil rights or civil liberties.

1) Explain in your letter what you’ve learned about these policies

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2) Explain why the issues you’ve learned about are important for them to understand (how they may impact your life or theirs) and

3) Explain how you think these policies could be improved to protect or strengthen our rights.

Questions to consider when writing either letter: 

  • Are law enforcement policies and practices such as stop and frisk or recent immigration policies/practices or recent policies about reproductive rights consistent with our Constitutional rights? Have the courts protected those rights? Explain why or why not.  (Consider the 4th, 5th and 6th amendments, federal immigration laws such as asylum, DACA, and/or Supreme Court cases in your response). 
  • What changes or improvements do you think are most important to advocate for and why? 
  • How will these changes protect or strengthen our rights under the law? 


What recommendations can you provide to Management about the direction it should take?

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements Please respond to ONE of the following: Choose a HealthcareOrganization you are interested in and use Porter’s Five Forces Analysis Model to evaluate its attractiveness or profitability. Based upon its high or low power, what advise can you provide about its viability? Choose aHealthcare Organization you are interested in and perform a SWOT analysis. What recommendations can you provide to Management about the direction it should take?