Which of the following would be classified as “nurture” determinants of our personality?

BUSI 240 Connect Homework Chapter 2 Answers Liberty University | Complete Solution

Irene has always been a “worry-wart” and is often anxious or depressed. Which personality dimension of the five-factor model (FFM) does this describe?

An employee who is most comfortable if there are rules, policies and procedures in place that dictate how jobs are supposed to be done would likely have a high_______

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The “Big Five” dimensions are: conscientiousness, neuroticism, openness to experience, extraversion and…

Which of the following would be classified as “nurture” determinants of our personality?

Motivation represents the forces within a person that affect his or her direction, persistence and …

The bundle of characteristics that makes us similar to or different from other people is our…

Carl Jung proposed that there are two ways in which people prefer to gather information or perceive the world around them:

The factors identified by the MARS model that are said to influence individual behavior and performance are: motivation, ability, role perception and

Concerns with cross-cultural research include which of the following?

refers to the degree that people are willing to accept an unequal distribution of power within a society or organization.

A society that values quality of life, service to others, and support for the needy would have:

Which of the following are criticisms of the use of workplace personality testing?

Perceptions about what is good or bad and right or wrong are referred to as our.

A society that has a group orientation and emphasized the interdependence of people has a high degree of:

Which of the following can support ethical behavior within an organization?

Which of the following would be considered situational factors that constrain or facilitate employee behavior and performance?

Tawanda values team harmony and high levels of collaboration. She does not care for hierarchical organizational structures and instead believes employees should be treated as equals. Her employer does not have managers or middle managers and instead has teams. Tawanda’s team members hold equal power, and each member believes in the team’s goals. Considering values congruence, which of the following statements about Tawanda and her job are true?

The extent to which people tolerate or feel threatened by ambiguity is referred to as:

Which of the following dimensions refers to the concept that motivation is not random but instead goal-directed?

A society that values professions such as reaching, social work, and nursing would likely be considered to have a(n) orientation.

A limitation of cross-cultural research is that several studies incorrectly assumed that people in a specific country or geographic region share similar values.

An employee from a culture with a high power distance:

Of the following, which is external to the individual but still affects his or her behavior?

Which of the following identifies the four factors that directly influence individual behavior and performance?

Andre tends to be an imaginative, “big picture” person. He sees the world in terms of impressions rather than facts and relies on his interpretations of what is happening. Which MBTI dimension or orientation does this describe?