Why was Act 250 originally implemented in Vermont?

Please review the following two resources which provide some background on both the history of Vermont’s Act 250 as well as the process itself.
Act 250 History (Links to an external site.)
Act 250 Process (Links to an external site.)
Then, answer the following questions and submit.
1. Why was Act 250 originally implemented in Vermont?
2. What types of land use and development are regulated under Act 250? What types of land use are not regulated under Act 250?
3. What are the primary environmental or land use criteria that are considered during the Act 250 process?
4. Critics of Act 250 often claim that the process is too complicated and inhibits economic development, while supporters suggest that it leads to better quality development and reduces long-term environmental and social costs. How important is it in your opinion to find a balance between these two perspectives, and do you think Act 250 achieves a balance?