Work of art analysis



For this research paper assignment, you will select one work of art (painting, sculpture, building, print) from sixteenth-century Italy (late fifteenth-century okay only if Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci) and find and read two scholarly articles or book chapters (three if they are very short).Then in your paper, in proper paragraph form, you will answer the following questions. Length 4 pages (or longer) double spaced 12-point font. Use essay format, paragraphs, topic sentences, introduction, conclusion.Allow enough time for revisions and if you are unsure of grammar and syntax, allow time to have a friend read it through, and to consult with the SDSU Writing Center.

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1. What are the basic facts? What do we know for sure about this work from primary source documents (evidence from the period) such as contracts, artist’s biographies such as Vasari’s Lives, inventories etc.?Sometimes this material is in the body of the article, or the footnotes, or you may have to check other sources.One of our library databases, Oxford Art Online has the full Grove Dictionary of Art (click on it from the Oxford Art welcome page) with detailed scholarly biographies of artists as well as articles on individual works of art.If there is no sixteenth century source material, how do we know that its attribution (ie that the named artist actually created this) is correct? Are there other facts about the artist/work of art that are generally assumed to be true?

2. What is the basic thesis of article 1?How is the thesis/assertion/topic argued or proved? Summarize the article as part of your examination.

3. What is the basic thesis of article 2? Does it agree with any of the points in article 1?Does it use similar evidence? How is the thesis/assertion/topic argued or proved? Summarize the article as part of your examination.

4. Compare and contrast the articles, and how do they add to your knowledge of the work of art?Are there points that you disagree with, or parts of either that you found difficult to understand even after slow, close and careful reading, and why?



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